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Onboarding, Retail & Sales training and Leadership & Management Training 1.5 year internal training course. "The training courses are mainly aimed at communication and mindset. Training Retail uses the customer journey as an 'umbrella'. In addition to the theory, much attention was paid during the training to role-playing, to put what has been learned into practice/practice to guarantee the trained skills”. Again very valuable feedback! Many thanks Judith 🙂

Ace & Tate

Retail L&D Manager

As part of the Marc Cain Academy trainer network, Judith Berger takes care of facilitate efficient trainings in the greater Benelux area. Judith is an accomplished speaker and an intelligent woman. I appreciate her sense of humour which is necessary to get everyone on the same page. Judith is motivational and skilled with the interactional factor which makes the participants willing to get educated and inspired in once. Admirable.

Marc Cain GMBH

Academy Manager

“Judith is a people person and has a great level of charm that has served her well as a trainer. She excelled at networking and researching the practical sides of training & development, using that information to implement well prepared workshops. She has a good understanding of (fashion) styling, technology, and processes which always contributed to our T&D department”.

Scotch & Soda

Franchise Manager

I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed working with you and that we are very satisfied with the way you trained our team. You did that very well. We will definitely get back to you when we start to set up the training sessions externally again. No doubt!

Fabienne Chapot

Founder & CEO

Judith offered us a tailor-made training program where we first looked at the DNA of our brand and then developed a method of how we can transfer this to our retailers. From the beginning, Judith has put in more than 100% to get the best result from the meetings. She has an enormous capacity for empathy and that, combined with her sense of humor and knowledge, has earned her the trust of the participants in no time. With all this she motivates and inspires the participants through useful eye-openers and practical handles.


Brand Manager

Retail & Sales training FW'18/SS '19 F. is doing very well over the weekend. His role as “third” salesperson suits him and us very well. Over the past weekends, he consistently has the highest receipts and highest turnover. This while helping far fewer customers. As far as we as MT and our colleague are concerned, I notice that we have become a good mix of how we were before the training and that now combined with the fascinating and effective knowledge from your Retail & Sales training courses. Sometimes all 3 of us still fall back a little too much in “the old way” but because we support each other in this and continue to give feedback, it is not too bad and we hold onto it well and has now become second nature! We are really looking forward to raising the sales/advice level in the store even further. Something that I hope you will help us with in the future. You are small in stature but great in deeds!


Eigenaren van De Jongens

“Judith's retail training to CR store staff was professional and enthusiastic. The training was interesting and interactive, resulting in a dynamic Sunday morning. Judith came up with (obvious, but one you quickly forget) tips to take sales to a better level. She also ensured a lot of exercise and "participation" during the training so that the attention does not slacken. All in all an interesting training with (secretly) a lot of learning moments”

Colourful Rebel


“Judith encouraged the participants to change in a very professional and humorous way. She knows how to create a familiar atmosphere, is extremely respectful in her feedback, which created great openness among the participants in giving and receiving feedback. This makes working with Judith a party, combining top quality with humor”.

Royal BAM Group

Programma Manager