Leadership & Management Training

During our Leadership & Management training, we use your philosophy for tips and tools that lead to new insights in the field of coaching and management. This training is an interactive session in which we work to create a service mindset that helps every (floor) manager to coach his/her team to a self-thinking capacity and to development and growth. We are going to use the ‘thinking again’ method, which ensures a lot of positivity. We look at everyone’s personal profile, what are the strengths and how you can use them in the best possible way. At the end of the training, all managers are able to immediately use the tools and tips and we make a personal plan. This plan isstartedso that people can reap the benefits  right away. The training is linked to the Retail & Sales program to provide the service wheel and let it spin endlessly in which the teams are involved and further develop.

The personal performance
We discuss the performances of all participants to be aware of performance and behavior/mentality prior to these sessions. In this way, effectiveness and personal development are strongly and permanently promoted.

Leadership & Management Programme:
“Lead yourself and others”
L – Love to listen
E – Empower
A – Activate
D – Dare to do
E – Educate
R – Results

Length of time:
This program can be given in 2 or 3 days in consultation. The maximum group size is 8 participants. Level: Intermediate or advanced management knowledge level.