Hospitality Training

Consumers appreciate being welcomed. Giving customers or guests the feeling that they are welcome, that is hospitality.

Making contact is therefore the most difficult part of the customer journey for the seller/host. Where are you at that moment and how do you start an interesting interaction.

When making contact happens in an unnatural way, which the customer will definitely experience, later sales or service can become a difficult process. Connecting and having a conversation in a natural and genuine way should be the core competencies of your company.

An excellent salesperson helps the customer or guest and thinks along, sharing knowledge and showing empathy through the use of his/her trained effective communication and empathy.

“Enthusiastic, committed and motivated staff make your (shopping) experience”

Hospitality Program:
“First rate hospitality”

H – Highly welcome
O – Observe
S – Service mindset
T – Till next time

Length of time:
This program can be given in 1, 2 or 3 days in consultation. The group size is 10 participants. Level: Starting, intermediate or advanced knowledge level.