The trainings

Your company culture and DNA integrated into our programs

Your quantitative and qualitative objectives of your company are the common thread of our programs. During the physical training sessions (in-store or in the Training Retail Academy), the modular training components will be trained in an interesting, fun, challenging and effective way. The participant is central here as well as the entire collaborating team.

If you do what you did, you get what you got

Jouw personeel wordt uitgedaagd door de huidige kennis te gebruiken en te verbeteren, de comfort-zone op te zoeken en soms net daarbuiten te kunnen stappen (zelfreflectie), het motivatieniveau te verhogen, inspireren en praktisch te kunnen schakelen en handelen. Iedere consument is een individu met specifieke wensen en behoeften, zorg dat je hierin kan mee deinen. 

Interactive sessions

The training courses are interactive sessions in which we build a culture and create a service mindset in which the participant together with the DNA is the foundation. Not only product- and process-oriented, but above all person-oriented. Knows how to answer your customer’s question and expectations by deploying a personal service and experience. The participant’s self-confidence grows immediately, the customer’s binding capacity increases. Learn how to exceed customer expectations by acting more consciously and personally with the service mindset, thereby providing a memorable experience and having a major(er) impact throughout the organization. Be memorable.

Effects of training

The training is perfectly tailored to the needs and relevance of your company.

The (service) mindset of the (in)experienced participants becomes unambiguous and consistent.

The skills become conscious and are practically converted from theory to promote their own knowledge and skills.

Daily deployable tips and tricks for optimizing the customer and employee experience.

The programs stimulate the motivation, energy and enthusiasm of the employees at a consistently high level with all the positive side effects that entails.

"Judith is a people person and has a great level of charm that has served her well as a trainer. She excelled at networking and researching the practical sides of training & development, using that information to implement well prepared workshops. She has a good understanding of (fashion) styling, technology, and processes which always contributed to our T&D department"

Scotch & Soda

"I just want to let you know that I really enjoyed working with you and we are also very satisfied with the way you trained our team. You did a very good job. We will definitely come back to you when we start to turn off the training sessions externally again. Without a doubt!"

Fabienne Chapot