Onboarding Training

Our Onboarding training is made up of relevant topics linked to the letters ‘BOARD’.

Your employees will learn to breathe the DNA of your organization. This training day is all about creating (even more) fans so that the ultimate customer also feels this attraction noticeably and will bind faster.

This day is divided in consultation, in which a mix of presentation, video and group games is made. The letters ‘BOARD’ stand for the correct routing for the onboarding of (new) employees and it takes one day.

Get on board and become a real ambassador!

Onboard Program
“First rate onboarding”

B – Become a member of the company
O – Open your mindset
A – All-round knowledge
R – Ready to start
D – Do it

Length of time:
This program can be given in 4 or 8 hours in consultation. The group size is 10 participants. Level: Starting, intermediate or advanced knowledge level.